Elecare vs Neocate

Elecare vs Neocate: Differences [Which Formula is Best for Your Baby]

Elecare vs Neocate – the key difference is that Neocate is completely free of GMO organisms, however, this also comes with a larger price tag. Keep reading to find out how these two compare in price, taste, nutrients, and ingredients.

Elecare vs Neocate: Comparison Table

WINNER Elecare
  • Slightly cheaper, but still expensive.
  • Higher in calories
  • Harde to find
  • Tastes and smells bad
  • The full range has other flavours
  • Hard to mix
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  • More expensive that Elecare
  • 100% free of GMO organisms
  • Thinner consistency and more oily
  • Can also be used for tube feeding
  • Also tastes and smells bad
  • The full range also has other flavours
  • Bottles hard to clean
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Elecare Review


  • Elecare is completely hypoallergenic so so soothing for little tummies.
  • Elecare is higher in calories so may keep little tummies full up for longer
  • Elecare is slightly cheaper so a better option if your little one is using it for a long time.
  • The Junior follow on formula has other flavors to add some variety to the taste


  • Elecare is a little harder to find so you may find yourself caught out during holiday times when postage may be delayed.
  • Although Elecare is amino acid based it still contains some corn which is not good if your little one also has an allergy to this.


Elecare is a milk substitute designed specifically for babies and children with multiple food allergies and other severe digestive conditions.

The product is purely amino acid-based meaning it is suitable for those who cannot tolerate cow’s milk and soy proteins.

Elecare is nutritionally complete and also contains DHA’s and ARA’s which are important for babies’ mental and visual development which progresses the quickest during the first year of life. 

Elecare also doesn’t contain gluten so it is suitable for those with celiac disease. It does, however, contain corn starch which could be problematic this is an allergy for your baby too. 

Elecare has a range of products with a specific formula for babies under 1 before they move on meaning they will still receive the nutrients needed for a healthy diet and weight gain.

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Neocate Review 


  • Neocate also contains nucleotides which are beneficial to a healthy immune system
  • It is certified that Neocate is 100% free of genetically modified organisms.
  • Neoctae has a simple 1:1 mixing ratio meaning making a bottle is nice and easy.
  • Neocate can be used in a bottle but also for tube feeding.


  • Neocate is very expensive and can be difficult to continue paying for if you don’t have any help.
  • Neocate is a little thinner than other formulas meaning less time between feeds. It’s also more oily making bottles difficult to clean.


Neocate is also designed for babies with severe and multiple allergies.

It is also amino acid-based and contains probiotics and prebiotics.

It is full of vitamins including K,C, E, A vitamins, D and B vitamins. It is 100% cow’s milk protein free and soy free but like Elecare contains corn syrup.

For these little tummies struggling with severe intolerances it will usually between 3 and 14 days after starting. There may be a few hiccups along the way such as extra gas and an aversion to the strong smell and taste but the outcome should be well worth it.

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difference Neocate Elecare

Elecare vs Neocate: Differences


You know how babies are very sensitive to almost everything, well, you can’t blame them, they are babies. And if that’s not all, here we are talking about a baby who is allergic to protein.

Well, the good thing is that Elecare does not emit any bad smell which will further deter the baby from having it. Apart from compensating for the shortage of amino acids, this supplement also tastes great. 

But, the same cannot be said about Neocate. It’s true that when it comes to taste, everything depends on the babies. I mean some babies love eating Broccoli and others love chocolate. However, Neocate does not have a very good taste and that is true.

Most of the time, the parents also try these supplements just to check what it smells like and Neocate has always been disregarded for its quite bad smell and taste. 

Effects on Tummy

Malabsorption or even allergy towards proteins may require the ingredients to be broken down into smaller parts so that the bowel system works well.

With Neocate being elemental in its makeup, the ingredients present in it break down to the smallest and pure form so that it’s easier for babies to digest it. Due to this, you may experience some kind of changes in the bowel movement of your baby.

Changes in the color of the stool, or even a reduced tendency to clear the bowel is something that you can expect. 

On the other hand, Elecare works in a similar manner and upon ingestion, every part of the formula will break down to its simplest form for easier digestion.

With this formula, the delicate bowel movements of a baby are taken off and your infant won’t have to face such issues with it. 


Among the macronutrients essential for the development and growth of the infant, Elecare has the whole package. It contains, fats, carbohydrates, and calories.

Other than this, it also has traces of Vitamins A through K along with Vitamin B6 and B12. Niacin, Folic Acid, choline, biotin, thiamin, and other such vitamins are also present in it.

Among the major minerals sodium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus are also present. 

Coming to Neocate, almost all the nutrients that are found in Elecare are also present in it. Be it, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and everything else, it is there in Neocate.

So, we cannot distinguish between these two supplements based on their nutritional count. 


And with the ingredients too, you cannot find any big difference in both of these supplements. For instance, the major ingredient for both of them is Corn Syrup Solids.

Where Neocate has 51% of corn syrup solids, Elecare has 55%. So, it is pretty much the same. However, the difference lies in the presence of different oils, Neocate is made with refined vegetable oil, sunflower oil, canola oil and all these are not found in Elecare. 


Both of them are available in different quantities. You can buy either one 14.1 ounces can of Elecare or 6 cans of the same quantity.

On the other hand, Neocate is available in one, four and eight cans, all of the same quantity 14.1 ounces. In terms of pricing, Elecare is cheaper than Neocate. 

review Neocate Elecare


Elecare vs Neocate: And the winner is….

There’s no win or lose here. We are just helping you understand how to make a better choice when it comes to choosing the right supplement for your little one.

However, we do want the best for you and your kid, so considering all the factors, Elecare seems to be somewhat better than Neocate.

For one, it doesn’t smell, it does not have any drastic changes in the bowel, and the price is also less. 

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