How It All Started

When I found out I was pregnant, I was happy that I was bringing a bundle of joy to the world, but I was incredibly anxious about becoming a mother.

This was my first pregnancy, so the landslide of questions kept coming and coming. What if I was terrible at being a mom? What if my baby wouldn’t develop properly due to my unhealthy body or poor diet? What if I become those mothers who can’t foster a love for her child? What if, what if, what if?

All these worries plagued me, and it wasn’t until I was on the third trimester of my pregnancy when the reality finally hit me. My worries were getting the best of me, so I finally caved and talked to my husband. We talked, and, since this was our first child, he advised that it would be best that I resigned from work and took this time to cultivate that motherly instinct that every pregnant woman acquires.

That was when my body decided to join in on the fun. I felt bloated all the time, my feet were sore, and, since I was a ball with legs, going to the bathroom was a feat in itself!

These new pains, along with my constant worries, exploded my mind into a full-blown panic mode. My husband, the rock of our relationship, told me that this was all normal, and I should take this time to care not only for our child but for my mental health as well.

He suggests that I do something with the sudden amount of free time. In one split-second, I immediately thought back to my favorite pastime—writing.

I am a passionate writer, and I would write just about anything that fancied me. I love writing and have a knack for it, but my passion faded over the years when I got a “real” job and barely had time to write anything other than numbers and reports.

With my pregnancy and the abundance of free time, my passion for writing reignited and led me to create this website.

At first, I began rambling about the pains of pregnancy so that other expecting couples would relate, but then it escalated over time, sharing tips and hacks in making pregnancy less stressful and more enjoyable.

When my beautiful baby Ruby arrived, things only got more interesting. I began sharing my experience so that other hopeful mothers would feel less lonely in this wonderful journey of motherhood.

These women have so many questions that even their mother could not help, and that was when I realized something bigger than my increasing waistline.

I realized that we lived in a different time, and women have many opportunities now compared to those before us. I remember my parents telling me how they were expecting a bouncing baby boy and how they had the surprise of a lifetime when a baby girl came out.

With that thought in mind Babies vs Kida soon expanded to a bigger blog that welcomed expectant mothers from different walks of life. What started as a way to ease my worries became a revolution for the modern mother.

I can’t say I’m happy I left my job, but it’s fulfilling to know that I’m not only raising my daughter, but I’m also helping other women.

Our Team

Grace Walker


Grace was a passionate writer early in her life, creating wonderful stories and compelling literary works that sparked conversations. Grace worked in the corporate field along with her husband until she found out she was pregnant.

After quitting her corporate job to become a full-time mother, Grace writes about helpful articles to help the modern woman settle into motherhood.

Grace currently has two kids, Ruby and Jayden.

Fatima Kapoor


Fatima is your regular office lady with two grown children, Aiden and Alex. After discovering she was pregnant with her third child at the tender age of 45, Fatima turns to the internet for information regarding women past the usual age of the pregnancy.

Her startling discovery at the lack of articles for expectant mothers who are past their thirties led her to write her own missives.

Her contributions and mind-opening pieces earned her spot as a regular at Babies vs Kids.

Charlotte Torres


Charlotte is a single mom who writes about the common pitfalls of motherhood and how to handle them.

After an eye-opening divorce, Charlotte took to social media and broadcasted her personal journey into single motherhood. Charlotte became the voice of other single mothers, teaching them that they can be independent with or without a partner.

Charlotte is the mother of a rambunctious little girl named Kayla, who is, in terms of personality and looks, is practically a miniature version of Charlotte.