Dermatix Vs Contractubex

Dermatix Vs Contractubex: Differences (What’s Better for Scars)

Scar treatment approaches will always ignite a debate most times and the one about Dermatix vs Contractibex is not going to end any time soon. 

The debate is fueled by the discussion around silicone-based gels like Dermatix and onion extract-based gels like Contractubex. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide about the comparison between Dermatix and Contractubex to help you understand the option that’s better for your scar treatment.

Let’s find out which one is better for stretch marks, new and old scars. Ready? 

WINNER Dermatix Ultra - Advanced Scar Formula
  • Well known Silicone gel-based scar treatment brand
  • Traditional Cyclopentasiloxane (Silicone) as the major ingredient, adding to the blend of Silicone Polymers, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C Ester) also included
  • Dermatologically recommended for the management of scars which involves reducing the scar size and height, clearing and fading out of dark spots and restoring normal skin color
  • Very easy to apply gel and absorbs quickly
  • It’s the only skincare product bearing the innovative CPX (Cyclopentasiloxane) technology mark
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Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch
  • Contractubex boasts of unique combinations of Allantoin, cepae extra and heparin
  • It’s very effective for use in treating hypertrophic and all other kinds of scars
  • Users have reported Contractubex to help in preventing the formation of excessive scar tissue and at the same time, helps in reducing redness, itching, and tension
  • It’s an easy to use scar treatment product that has a double action; one in regulating the scar formation process thus avoiding excessive scar formation, and two, making old scar tissue smoother, softer, and more elastic.
  • Fades, flattens and smoothens existing scars.
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Difference Between Dermatix and Contractubex

This is where it gets interesting, learning the actual differences and similarities between these two long-serving skincare products.

At the very basic understanding, Dermatix Ultra – Advanced Scar Formula is a silicone gel extract with an additional formulation including vitamin C for improved effectiveness.

Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch, on the other hand, is a brilliant formulation that is an onion extract-based skincare product with a double-action scar treatment strategy.

For one, it works by regulating the scar formation process and thus limiting excessive scarring. Consequently, the scar tissue is made softer, elastic and smoother.

The other way in which Contractubex works is by flattening, fading and smoothening scars and limiting the formation of keloids.  

The other difference between these products is that Contractubex is applied once at night while Dermatix is applied twice a day.

In terms of similarities, both Dermatix and Contractubex are well-known treatment options for hypertrophic scars and keloids. They both function to limit the formation of new scars, reducing hyperpigmentation, flattening scars and reducing the height and size of scars.

Let’s dig deeper and understand these two in terms of the following:


The active ingredients in Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch are Cepalin, heparin, and Allantoin, largely because it’s an onion extract-based gel.

Dermatix Ultra – Advanced Scar Formula is on a different path. It’s entirely a silicone gel-based extract, a rarity that has been used by many pharmaceutical companies to make different skincare products. 

Dermatix has Cyclopentasiloxane (Silicone) and a number of silicone polymers. It also includes Vitamin C Ester for improved effectiveness.


As things stand, Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch is more expensive compared to the Dermatix Ultra – Advanced Scar Formula which is packed in a 15g packaging.


Dermatix Ultra and Contractube are both known skincare products for the effective management of scars and keloids. These include hypertrophic scars, old and new scars as well as scars on the face, hands, etc.


In terms of effectiveness, silicone extract-based skincare products are always superior in functionality than other formulations including onion extract-based products such as Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch.

Furthermore, the makers of Dermatix implemented the innovative CPX (Cyclopentasiloxane) technology making it even more superior in managing scars.


Dermatix Ultra – Advanced Scar Formula is manufactured by Mylan, a Swiss Pharmaceutical giant. Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch is manufactured by Merz Pharmaceuticals

Dermatix Vs Contractubex: Which One is Better for Stretch Marks?

Unless special formulations by the manufactures for stretch marks are considered, as it is, Dermatix Ultra – Advanced Scar Formula is more likely to handle stretch marks better.

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Dermatix Vs Contractubex: Which One is Better for new scars?

Due to the fact that it’s a silicone extract-based skin care product for treating scars, and adding to the unique technology implemented in its manufacture, Dermatix Ultra is superior in dealing with scars.

Dermatix Vs Contractubex: Which One is Better for old scars?

Again, it’s not a hard choice to make. Dermatix Ultra – Advanced Scar Formula is an excellent treatment for old scars compared to the onion-based Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch.

Dermatix Review

Here’s a solution that is sure to help you deal with your scars. It’s not only unique in its formulation but it has enough clinical research backing and the technology behind it is revolutionary.

The addition of Vitamin C Ester makes it even better. Vitamin C is known to help protect the screen from UVA and UVB  and help fight hyperpigmentation.

If you are bothered by strong scents, Dermatix Ultra – Advanced Scar Formula is safe for you as it’s odorless and dries very quickly upon application.


  • Has the unique, innovative CPX (Cyclopentasiloxane) technology
  • Works perfectly for all types of scars including hypertrophic scars and keloids.
  • Dries quickly upon application and does not possess any unpleasant odors


  • Requires time for desirable results to be witnessed

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Contractubex Review

The Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch‘s active ingredients which include Extractum cepae, heparin, and allantoin are perfectly blended to support the healing process of the scar area, limiting the production of scar tissue and scar formation.

The extractum cepae facilitates the prevention of excessive scar tissue formation and also has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties.

The heparin in it has the ability to soften scar tissue, supports tissue and cell regeneration, and is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Besides these, heparin is also capable of binding water to the scar tissue to facilitate its flattening, smoothening and softening.

Allantoin, on the other hand, promotes skin penetration and helps relieve itching common with scar formation.

Generally, Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch is a good medication for the treatment of all types of scars- whether new or old.


  • The unique combination of the three key ingredients- extractum cepae, allantoin, and heparin makes it a very effective scar treatment medication.
  • Dries quickly and is very easy to use with just one application per night.
  • This product does not contain any unpleasant odors and has a smooth texture


  • Seemingly expensive among its class of onion extract-based skincare products for scar treatment

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old new scar gel


Dermatix Vs Contractubex: And the winner is…

Contractubex Overnight Intensive Patch put up quite a good fight but is betrayed by the fact that it’s being compared against a silicone extract-based skincare product.

Thus, Dermatix Ultra – Advanced Scar Formula with its amazing formulation technology and the addition of Vitamin C ester, is the clear winner. 

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