Mederma Vs Cicatricure

Mederma vs Cicatricure: Differences (Best for Scars & Stretch Marks)

We are delighted to introduce to you, and especially if you’ve been struggling with scars or stretch marks, the ultimate comparison in the Mederma vs Cicatricure debate.

Unlike most of the guides we’ve provided before, this one is different. We are finally comparing two products similar in formulation, both having been made from onion extracts. Let’s get to it!

WINNER Cicatricure Scar Gel
  • Reputable scar treatment medication made is of onion extracts
  • Known to improve skin texture on scars
  • Works perfectly in reducing the appearance of scars
  • Has Allium Cepa (an Onion Extract Gel) alongside chamomile, aloe vera, and bergamot essential oils as core ingredients
  • Works for all types of scars - new and old, as well as for minimizing keloid formation
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CHEAPER OPTION Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream
  • The technology behind this treatment is aimed at utilizing the skin’s night regenerative ability to treat scars and keloids
  • As an onion extract which boasts of having Cepalin, this product has additional ingredients including Allantoin, Panthenol, and Sodium Hyaluronate.
  • The manufacturers ensured the final product’s texture and odor are well kept smooth and minimal respectively
  • Dries quickly
  • Recommended for treatment of all types of scars and keloids
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Differences & Similarities between Mederma and Cicatricure

Although both products are well-known onion extract-based formulations, there are, however, striking differences between them as highlighted here.

The most notable difference is that Cicatricure’s Cicatricure Scar Gel has Allium Cepa as the core ingredient, alongside chamomile, aloe vera, and bergamot essential oil.

It’s applied twice a day and at no specific times. It’s also packed in a 28g packaging and retails slightly cheaper than Mederma.

For the Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream, the active ingredient is Cepalin with additional formulations including Panthenol, Allantoin, and Sodium Hyaluronate.

Instead of being applied twice, it’s applied explicitly at night because of the technology behind it that relies on the ability of the skin to regenerate at night.

Other than the fact that both Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream and Cicatricure Scar Gel are both onion extract-based formulations for scar treatment and management, these two products have another similarity in their ability to safely and effectively deal with both old and new scars. 


As already highlighted, Cicatricure Scar Gel is an onion extract gel  (Allium Cepa) with additional formulations of chamomile, aloe vera, and bergamot essential oil.

On the other hand, Mederma’s Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream– a brand that has been around for more than 10 years is also made of onion extracts (Cepalin) but the manufacturers added Panthenol, Allantoin, and Sodium Hyaluronate to make it more effective and unique.


This is where it gets interesting given that both products are onion extracts. Both products won’t break the bank but Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream is slightly more expensive compared to Cicatricure Scar Gel.


Both products are recommended by most skincare specialists and intended for the treatment of all kinds of scars and keloids.

These include surgical scars, burns, hypertrophic scars and any other scar that may appear on the face, hands and other visible areas of the body.


This is a close call because both products have similar base formulation derived from onion extracts.

The difference effectiveness only comes in when the additional ingredients are compared and how long a product has been in the market.

In this regard, Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream wins the contest. Cicatricure Scar Gel is a worthy contender, especially when you are really concerned about the price.

The effectiveness is compared all-round, whether is based on the type of scar targeted or whether the scar is new or old.

Another reason why Mederma wins is that it’s only applied once a day and at night, making it easy and convenient to use for most people.


The Mederma Overnight Scar Cream is a product manufactured in Germany by Merz Pharmaceuticals, a company that has served the skincare industry for over 15 years.

Cicatricure Scar Gel is manufactured in Mexico by Genomma Lab, a pharmaceutical company revolutionizing how people go about using skincare products.

stretch marks cream

Mederma Vs Cicatricure: Which One is Better for Stretch Marks?

Just as it won under effectiveness, the Mederma is far much better in stretch marks.

However, if looking for a skincare product specifically for stretch marks, then you’d rather opt for Mederma’s Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy instead of scar cream. It has a special formulation for this purpose.

Mederma Vs Cicatricure: Which One is Better for scars?

 Again, it’s an easy pick. Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream’s unique formulation makes it a much more efficient treatment for scars albeit it being a bit more expensive than Cicatricure Scar Gel.

Which One is Better for new scars?

Old or new, Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream still wins. With over 15 years of continuous improvement through research, it is likely to pay off thus making it a winner here.

Which One is Better for old scars?

Easy pick. Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream is still superior to Cicatricure Scar Gel even if they are both considered onion extracts.

Mederma Review

With over 15 years of continuous research and vigorous customer feedback analysis, Mederma Scar Cream is a worthy choice for the management of scars.

With Cepalin and additional ingredients such as Panthenol, Allantoin, and Sodium Hyaluronate, Mederma works perfectly for patients with scars of all types.

Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream will ensure that the scar’s texture is smoothened, and both size and height reduced as well as new scar formation limited.


  • Is a reliable onion extract-based scar treatment formulation
  • Manufactured by a reputable pharmaceutical company that has over 15 years of operation
  • Does not have an odor
  • Works for all types of scars- old or new, and keloids as well.
  • Very affordable and easy to apply as it is used only once a day (and at night)


  • Being an onion extract, there’s limited clinical evidence to back its effectiveness
  • The results take time to notice

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Cicatricure Review

If you prefer an option that won’t break the bank yet still effective, Cicatricure Scar Gel is a perfect choice.

This is true not only because of the fair pricing but also because it has Allium Cepa, which contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Besides, the onion extract in it is known to inhibit the formation of fibroblasts which are the cells that form collagen and thus help with scar treatment.

Besides the Allium Cepa ingredient, it also boasts of chamomile, aloe vera, and bergamot essential oil, all aimed at improving its effectiveness.


  • It’s probably the cheapest yet most effective means of dealing with scars
  • Very effective in treating hypertrophic scars, keloids and limits discoloration of the skin
  • It’s easy to use and dries really fast after application on the scar area


  • Being an onion based extract limits its clinical research backing
  • Results take time to be realized which may mean repeated use

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difference Mederma Cicatricure


Mederma Vs Cicatricure: And the winner is…

A Mederma Vs Cicatricure comparison is always going to be confusing because both are very effective means of treating scars.

However, Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream is obviously a winner when compared with the Cicatricure Scar Gel.

The only reason why one would get Cicatricure Scar Gel over Mederma is that it’s fairly cheap and effective as well.

For more specialized needs like dealing with stretch marks, another of Mederma’s products – the Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy, would carry the day over Cicatricure.

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