Pampers Cruisers vs Baby Dry

Pampers Cruisers vs Baby Dry: Differences [Which Diaper is Best?]

If you want your baby to be comfortable and have a good night’s sleep, then choosing the right diapers for him or her is important. So, what shall it be, Pampers Cruisers or Baby Dry? Well, that’s what we are here for, helping mothers make the best and an informed choice. So, below are the basic differences, pros, cons, and a comparison chart of pampers cruisers and baby dry. 

WINNER Pampers Cruisers
  • Extra Absorption
  • Wider cuffs on the sides
  • Prevents Leakage
  • Snuggly fit for better comfort
  • 12 hour protection
  • Prevents rashes
  • Best Protection and leakage resistant diaper yet by Pampers
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Pampers Baby Dry
  • Higher Rate of Absorption with the third layer
  • Air Dry Channels
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Stretchy sides are there for extra protection
  • 3 times drier than other diapers
  • Lighter in weight
  • Diapers with the best comfort till now by Pampers
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Pampers Cruisers Review

The Cruisers’ major selling point is its extra absorption ability.

With an extra capacity to absorb, it has a lower amount of sag, which is often missing in other ordinary diapers.

Being a premium product, the Pampers Cruisers is indeed charged a bit on the upper end, but they have some extra variables to offer.

Apart from less sag, they are designed in a manner that allows the babies to walk or crawl with ease. The three-way fit ability adds an extra layer of comfort for the babies around their legs, waist, and bottom.

If that’s not all, the extended cuffs and side area prevents leakage when your baby wishes to everything in the house, either with their mouth or just by simply pointing at it. 


  • Extra Absorption
  • Extra cushioned sides and stuffing for better comfort
  • Snugly fitting makes it easier to move around
  • They are available in different sizes which fits perfectly for a baby who is crawling to when it is learning to walk. 


  • The price range is a bit high for some parents
  • Being larger in size than normal diapers, it is not so easy to put on

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Pampers Baby Dry Review

As the name suggests, the baby dry pampers are built to ensure extra dryness in the diapers overnight.

The extra dryness is made possible with the help of an extra layer of absorption, which is the third layer, not found in other diapers.

With these diapers, you won’t have to trouble yourself and the baby with changing diapers in the middle of the night. Yet another benefit of the extra dryness is its ability to prevent rashes that are often seen in babies who sleep with a wet diaper.

And if you want to get an exact idea about the wetness of the diaper, check out the wetness indicator. 


  • Additional layer of absorbent material for extra dryness
  • Protects the babies skin while preventing rashes
  • Available at an affordable cost


  • Susceptible to leakage
  • Even though it is three layers, the absorption speed and capacity is not enough

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difference Cruisers Baby Dry

Pampers Cruisers vs Baby Dry: Differences

The real fun starts here. This is the section where we will break everything down and let you understand the true authenticity of these diapers. Let’s get started!

Absorption and Leakage Prevention 

Starting with the Pampers Cruisers, the designing is custom made with this diaper. There is an extra layer on the inside to absorb greater volume of liquids and also prevent it from leaking.

The leakage prevention is made possible with stretchy cuffs that extend the length of the diaper. The immaculate designing further ensures that the baby stays dry for more than 12 hours.

The internal wall lining absorbs an extra amount of liquid which helps in preventing leakage from the sides. 

When it comes to Baby Dry, it is specially made to provide an extra layer of absorption to the baby. This extra layer is added to absorb the liquid faster and keep the baby’s bottom dry throughout the night and day.

But, there is one downfall, that it is not so good in terms of leakage prevention. 


Pampers Cruisers has a snugly fit. This means that it will fit like butter and protect the baby for longer hours without causing irritation.

Added to this, they won’t tear apart easily. Even though it is said that they are made for extra comfort, but we have heard some complaints from parents about this diaper being a tidy bit uncomfortable for the babies.

However, the babies will feel it easy to move around in them. 

Coming to Baby Dry, these diapers are made to last extra long and stay driṣed for more than 12 hours. If a diaper is made to last longer than the normal ones, then it must have a good design overall.

But, that part is missing in the baby dry. No doubt, it works well in terms of absorption, but the leakage seen in them means that the fitting is not good. 

baby dry wetness indicator


Both types of diapers come in three sizes. The Pampers Cruisers is available in Sizes 3 to 7. This means that they are good for babies weighing 16 – 41 pounds. 

Contrary to this, the Baby Dry is available in Size 1 through 6 and they are good for newborns and until they weigh 36 pounds. 

This means that these two kinds of diapers are more or less available for babies from the day they are born to when they weigh enough for the parents to not be able to hold them in their arms for much longer. 


Let’s compare the price of one common sized diapers that are available for both types. Pampers Cruisers of Size 3 174 Count will cost you a little bit more than the Baby Dry Size 3 Count 204.

This means that on the pricing end, both the diapers will cost you more or less the same, barring the difference of a few cents. So, one thing is settled, both the diapers are not too pricey, they are affordable.

review pampers cruisers Diapers


Pampers Cruisers Vs Baby Dry: And the winner is…

According to Pampers, both of these diapers are top of the class and built with an innovative design and technology. Pampers says that the Baby Dry is their softest diaper yet and the Pampers Cruisers is blessed with the best protection and fit among all the diapers under their banner. 

But what we have discovered is that for a baby who can wear a size 3 diapers or higher, the Pampers Cruisers is the best fit for all.

These diapers are better accustomed to help your baby sleep well at night without letting you worry about changing the diapers again and again.

Added to this, during the daytime, the pampers cruisers extra comfort and will make it easy for the baby to walk or crawl around easily. And you will get all this plus extra protection and absorption ability at the same price as Pampers Baby Dry

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