Similac Total Comfort vs Sensitive

Similac Total Comfort vs Similac Sensitive: Differences [What’s Better]

When it comes to anything concerning our babies we all are a little too conscious, especially when it is about their diet and rightly so because kids are quite sensitive and need a proper amount of vitamins and other nutrients to grow. Talking about the baby’s diet, which mainly consists of milk, two types of powdered milk are the most famous and trusted these days namely Similac Total Comfort and Similac Sensitive. They both are made by the same company but come with different formulas and are perfect to use if your baby is having a hard time digesting the regular formula.

Similac Total Comfort vs Similac Sensitive: what are the main differences and which one is better for your baby? The short answer is that it depends on what your child needs. If your baby is sensitive to milk lactose and protein and having difficulty in digestion then go for Similac Total Comfort. But if your newborn has a gassy and fussy stomach Similac Sensitive is best for you.  Keep reading to see how these two compare in nutrients, price, and ingredients.

Similac Total Comfort vs Similac Sensitive: Comparison Table

Similac Total Comfort
  • Gentle on stomach
  • Contains easy to digest proteins
  • Low sugar content
  • No corn syrup
  • Comes in both powder form and ready to feed liquid
  • Perfect for babies having digestion issues
  • Not as thick when mixed with water
  • Mild taste
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Similac Sensitive
  • The proteins may be difficult to digest for some babies
  • Contains relatively high sugar contents
  • Has a high amount of corn syrup
  • Available in different sizes
  • Available as powder as well as ready to feed liquid
  • For newborn with fussy and gassy stomach
  • Thicker consistency compared to Total Comfort
  • Strong taste compared to Total Comfort
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Similac Total Comfort review

Similac Total Comfort Review


  • It’s a great product through which you can supply your baby all the nutrients an infant needs to grow
  • If you are looking for a substitute for breast milk this is the product as it contains nutrients such as Vitamin E, DHA and Lutein found in breast milk.
  • It helps in the development of eyes and brain of babies
  • If your family has a history of Celiac disease it is definitely a safe product for your baby because it is gluten-free
  • Free of any artificial growth hormones which makes it a great product for the natural growth of babies.
  • It comes in a ready to feed liquid as well, so if you don’t feel like making the formula every time, you can go for this one


  • You might find it difficult to dissolve the powder fully in water as some lumps remain even after multiple rounds of mixing
  • If your child has galactosemia this product is strictly not suitable for them
  • When mixed with water the smell is a bit unpleasant
  • A bit expensive


Similac Total Comfort is specially made for the babies who have problems in digesting the milk because it contains broken down/ partially hydrolyzed proteins so the baby’s stomach doesn’t have to do the heavy work.

It is also good for children with Celiac disease as it is free of gluten.    

What’s even better is that this product contains all the main nutrients present in breast milk and are quite essential for the health and growth of newborns.

It has Vitamins E which plays an important role in the development of cells, Lutein, essential for the health of eyes and DHA, which is a key nutrient for the brain’s development. The product also brims with many other vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron, and calcium.

This formula is made of Non-Genetically Engineered (Non-GMO) ingredients unlike many other powdered milk formulas available in market, so this product is absolutely safe to use.

Since it doesn’t contain any corn syrup, Similac Total Comfort is definitely a product you can use for your babies as a substitute for other milk.  However, it is strictly recommended to not feed this product to babies who have galactosemia.

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Similac Sensitive review

Similac Sensitive Review


  • If your baby is uncomfortable due to gassy and fussy stomach, this product works like a charm
  • It is a certified non-GMO product, which makes it safe to use
  • Consists of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), present in breast milk
  • If you want complete nutrition for your baby, this is the product as it contains OptiGro such as DHA, Vitamin E, etc. which help in healthy growth of babies


  • Some babies find it difficult to digest
  • Can bubbles when mixed with water
  • Not suitable for children having galactosemia


Similac Sensitive is made especially for newborns who have gas issues due to sensitivity to lactose and it treats fussiness as well.

It is made up of DHA, Vitamin E, Iron, and Lutein, etc. which are essential nutrients for the development of babies and their body parts such as the brain and eyes, etc.

What’s more this product also contains Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) which improve immune system.

However, Similac Sensitive has isolates proteins which are not broken as much as that of Similac Total Comfort, so it is a bit difficult to digest for some babies who need simple proteins.

Another issue with this product is that when it is mixed with water it becomes quite foamy and can create bubbles.

Even though this product has some very healthy ingredients but the problem with Similac Sensitive is that it also contains a high amount of corn syrup and sugar content which are really not suitable for babies.

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Similac Total Comfort vs Similac Sensitive: Differences


Similac Total Comfort has a sharp smell but it not too strong to bother the little ones.

Similac Sensitive can have a tin like the smell because it comes in a tin, so the babies with sensitive nose may dislike it and some mommies usually find it uncomfortable as well.

Effects on Tummy  

Even though both Similac Total Comfort and Similac Sensitive contain broken-down proteins to make it easier for the baby to digest the milk but there is still a difference in the type of proteins they have.

Milk protein usually has casein and whey, while Similac Total Comfort has only whey isolates which are gentle on the tummy and can be digested easily by newborns.

Whereas, Similac Sensitive has both casein and whey which means it can still be a little bit more difficult to digest as the stomach of some babies are more sensitive and cannot deal with these complex proteins.


Similac Total Comfort has all the significant vitamins and minerals present in natural human breast milk and helps in overall healthy growth of the babies.

The best part is that the sugar content is quite low so it is a perfect diet for the little ones who are not able to digest other milk.

Similac Sensitive also consists of many healthy nutrients found in break milk which surely contribute to the development of newborns but it also contains a reasonable amount of sugar content.


Similac Total Comfort is available in both powered and ready to feed liquid.

Similac Sensitive is also available in powdered as well as ready to feed liquid

So if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on mixing the formula you can buy the ready to feed liquid of any of these products.


Similac Total Comfort is somewhat an expensive product and is available as a pack of 4 on Amazon.

Similac Sensitive is available as a pack of 3 on Amazon but if we talk about quantity and price, it has a lower price as compared to Similac Total Comfort.


Similac Total Comfort vs Similac Sensitive: And the Winner Is…

The winner here is undoubtedly Similac Total Comfort! Not only does it have simpler proteins which are gentle on the tummy and easier to digest but it also contains all the ingredients a baby needs for development and growth such as DHA, Vitamin E, etc. help in healthy growth of brain and eyes.

The sugar content of Similac Total Comfort is also quite low which is perfect for babies because continuous intake of high sugar content can cause health problems.

However, Similac Total Comfort is a bit pricey but the diet it offers is worth it.

Similac Sensitive on the other hand also has very healthy ingredients almost similar to Similac Total Comfort but its high sugar content and a bit complex protein isolates make it not an as good option as Total Comfort.

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