mamaRoo Classic vs mamaRoo Plush

4moms mamaRoo Plush vs mamaRoo Classic 2024 [Review & Comparison]

Raising a child is hard work. So, anything that makes the job a little easier is a yes for me. It is challenging getting work done with an infant that constantly demands your attention, that is why I consider a baby soother a life saver. Baby swings are seats that provide the comfort required to make your child fall asleep. It is a good approach in ensuring that your baby gets enough rest.

There are two main baby swing types discussed in this article, they are the mamaRoo Classic baby swing and mamaRoo Plush baby swing.  This article is meant as a guide that will give you the required details about 4moms MamaRoo Classic vs Plush baby swings so that you can be able to determine which one is best for your kid.

MamaRoo Plush vs mamaRoo Classic – what are the differences? Which one is better for your baby? The short answer is that the mamaRoo Plush is a newer and updated version of the Classic. If you’re on a budget, go for Classic and if you want the updated version and are ready to spend a bit more, go for 4moms mamaRoo Plush.

CHEAPER OPTION mamaRoo Classic
  • It usually comes in both grey and black colors
  • The cushioning is removable
  • It's made of nylon fabric & can be washed with a machine
  • High customer satisfaction rate
  • It is less expensive than Plush
  • Has less functionalities
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  • It comes with a silver design or multi-colored pattern
  • Has a removable cover
  • The fabric is very soft and has a velvet-like texture
  • High customer satisfaction rate
  • Its more expensive than Classic
  • Has more functionalities
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4moms mamaRoo Classic review
Alternatively, you can use a box 😛

4moms mamaRoo Classic Review

  • Different motions to choose from such as: kangaroo, wave, tree swing, rock-a-bye and car ride (the car ride is a hit with most babies, what baby doesn’t love sleeping in a moving car.)
  • A recliner which allows you adjust the seat to a sitting or lying position, your baby can either sleep or sit up and play while on the bouncer.
  • MP3 outlet that enables you plays your own music if you prefer.
  • The Bluetooth feature lets you control the motion and sound with your smartphone or any other Bluetooth compatible device you own.
  • The Classic version comes with a canvas cover with three colorful and removable Plush toys hanging from an overhead bar for visual stimulation, the toys can be used for older babies and newborns. Both the seat cover and toys is machine washable.
  • Different speed options.

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4moms mamaRoo Plush Review

  • MP3 outlet which enables you play your choice of music
  • Bluetooth feature allows for easy control of movement and sound with your Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Multiple adjustments (this feature is especially good for babies with reflux)
  • It has an array of sounds to choose from
  • The plush version comes with a soft plush velvety seat cover.
  • Five different speeds to choose from.

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MamaRoo Plush vs mamaRoo Classic: Differences

There you have it. The only difference between the Classic and Plush is basically the seat cover. You have the option of buying a velvety seat cover for the Classic if you wish, but if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks you can go for the mamaRoo Plush.

It is a matter of preference. Though the Plush version seems to be more colorful. An advantage the mamaRoo has over a traditional swing is that it takes up less space because of the small footprint when compared to a traditional swing, you can start it with your foot without much hassles. Not minding how expensive it is, I think it’s a worthy investment, especially for new moms as it provides them a lot of relief and time to focus on other things.

Are there similarities between the two baby Swings?

Both mamaRoo Classic baby swing and the mamaRoo Plush baby swing have some features that are common to each other. The reason you may choose one over the other is based on your personal preferences and possibly the price since their prices are different.

However, with this article, you will know the similarities between the two baby swings as well as a comparison table which is meant to compare the two and let you know which one of them to choose.

General Cons

Although they are both lovely items that could help your baby stay mobile, they both have a number of similar downsides. For instance, babies have a way of being really picky, so chances are, your baby may not really fancy it. Those chances are slim as most babies will like either one though.

The mamaRoo cannot be used on a table, only the floor. This might pose a challenge if you have a space constraint; as some homes do.

mamaRoo Plush review
mamaRoo Plush or Classic definitely make your life easier

Final Verdict

MamaRoo Plush vs mamaRoo Classic: And the winner is…

With this article, you have been able to know the similarities as well as the differences between the two baby swings. This should guide you in choosing which one is best for your child and also convenient for you.

Go for mamaRoo Plush if you want the latest technology and mamaRoo Classic if you’re looking for a cheaper option.

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