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Contractubex vs Mederma (Best for Stretch Marks, Old & New Scars)

Comparing Contractubex vs Mederma makes it difficult to pick one as they both look similar at first. Nonetheless, digging out deeper reveals some significant differences between the two, knowing which will help you decide better.

So, with this article, let’s compare Contractubex and Mederma in ingredients, purpose, effectiveness, manufacturer, and price. Besides, we also highlight the effectiveness of both medicines for treating stretch marks as well as old and new scars.

Contractubex vs Mederma – Differences

Both Mederma and Contractubex are recommended for similar conditions and have the same active ingredient – onion extract.

The manufacturers developed both the gels with subtle differences that also impact their indication and efficacy. While one can use either of these for treating a scar, they do not warrant all-out healing in every case.

Here is what makes the two different from each other.


Both products, Contractubex and Mederma, belong to Merz Pharmaceuticals, a German firm that offers a wide range of products for skin-care and other purposes.

Both the gels have been around for at least two decades. For instance, some clinical trials for Mederma date back to 2000. Whereas, some German researchers evaluated the efficacy of Contractubex gel for the treatment of scars following thoracic surgery in 1994.

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Both Mederma and Contractubex have onion extract as their base. Yet, there are differences in their exact ingredients.

Mederma’s formulation contains the following.

  • Allantoin Topical (active ingredient)
  • Allium Cepa Topical (onion) (active ingredient)
  • Fragrance Topical
  • Methylparaben Topical
  • Polyethylene Glycol-4 Topical
  • Purified Water Topical
  • Sorbic Acid Topical
  • Xanthan Gum Topical

Whereas, Contractubex has a relatively smaller recipe. Moreover, it also has one additional active ingredient – heparin – which helps prevent superficial thrombophlebitis (inflammatory condition due to blood clotting in vein) and supports tissue regeneration.

Precisely, Contractubex includes the following active ingredients.

  • Extractum Cepae-Cepalin Topical (onion)
  • Allantoin Topical
  • Heparin Topical


Though comparing Contractubex vs Mederma reveals similar indications for both – that is, treatment of scars. However, their detailed purposes are different.

Contractubex is useful for minimizing scar visibility due to a wound, burn, tattoo removal, cuts and surgery.

Moreover, it also helps in relieving itching due to piles, treating superficial thrombophlebitis, fissures, and other similar purposes not explicitly known.

Whereas, Mederma also helps in treating scars due to wounds, cuts, or surgical procedures. But the other uses do not address burns or laser treatments.

Rather its indications include stretch marks, microbial infections, Alopecia Areata, skin conditioning, contusions, and other similar purposes.

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Although, both Contractubex and Mederma are reputed for treating scars and marks. Yet, people have found either of them suitable for one condition, and ineffective for the other.

Contractubex is known for removing burn scars. Applying Contractubex gel right when the burn healing process ends helps the patient minimize the scar formation to a nearly-invisible or entirely invisible state. Whereas, many people found it ineffective for the treatment of acne scars.

Likewise, Mederma is efficient at treating stretch marks and scars due to cuts or injury, but not for burns.

Mederma is also indicated for microbial infections, so people may also it for treating/preventing acne scars. Moreover, it also promotes hair regrowth at the target site, so it is useful for treating Alopecia Areata as well.


Comparing Contractubex vs Mederma prices shows that Mederma is somewhat expensive than the former. But the difference is only of a few bucks.

Perhaps, the slightly higher price of Mederma may be attributed to the range of uses for this product.

Contractubex vs Mederma: Which One is Better for Stretch Marks?

For treating stretch marks, Mederma is a clear winner.

This is because Mederma includes ingredients that help in conditioning the skin and alleviating the marks that appear due to skin stretching.

Moreover, for a precise treatment regimen, Mederma is available as a dedicated Stretch Marks Therapy cream.

And, if a patient finds difficulty in applying the cream, then Mederma Quick Dry Oil can also serve the same purpose.


Whereas, in the case of Contractubex, some patients may use it on stretch marks to prevent inflammation.

While its anti-scarring properties may also help to alleviate stretch marks, the product is typically recommended for treating scars following an injury, burn, or wound.

Contractubex vs Mederma: Which One Is Better For Scars?

For the treatment of scars, both Contractubex and Mederma are proven effective. But, they may or may not deliver expected results for all sorts of scars. Let’s see how both medicines respond to new and old scars.

New Scars

In the case of Contractubex, the makers recommend applying the gel thrice a day for at least 3 months for treating new scars.

It may take at least 4 weeks for the results to become visibly noticeable, and 8 weeks for the scar tissue to become lighter and flat.

Whereas, Mederma starts delivering visible results after 4 weeks of application (1x in case of gel, 3x in case of cream), and optimum results in 8 weeks, for new scars.

Old Scars

For treating old scars, Contractubex requires a thrice-a-day application of the gel for at least 6 months. Whereas, Mederma recommends using the product for 3-6 months to treat old scars, based on the condition and the results.

Contractubex Review

Contractubex Gel is recommended for treating scars following burns, wounds, injuries, cuts, and surgeries. The product is safe to use after the scab falls off, or after the removal of the stitches.

While Contractubex requires persistent and patient application, it is worth the wait, especially for burn scars.

It has Heparin as an active ingredient that prevents possible inflammation at the site of the scar. It interacts with the skin’s natural healing process and improves elasticity, thus making the appearance of scars little to none.

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Mederma Review

Mederma is a wonderful product for treating scars as well as any sort of stretch marks.

It has numerous worthy ingredients that prevent scarring, facilitate skin condition, promote hair regrowth at the site of the scar, balances uneven skin tone, and also prevents sunburn.

The product usually gives results within 4-8 weeks for new scars.

Whereas, for older scars, it can deliver results within 3-6 months.

Mederma comes in different forms, such as gel, cream, oil, and a dedicated kids’ gel, to be used as required.

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Mederma comes in different forms to be used as required.

For instance, Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy and Mederma Skin Care Quick Dry Oil for Stretch Marks for the treatment of stretch marks, Mederma Advanced Scar Gel, and Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream for scars, and Mederma Kids Skin Care for Scars.

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Comparing Contractubex vs Mederma may not mark one as a clear winner. Despite being similar, both the products have their own mode of action.

While both of them can serve well for treating scars, Contractubex wins over at treating burn scars. Whereas, Mederma has an edge for treating stretch marks.

Likewise, the prices of both medicines are also comparable, and both are affordable for the public.

Therefore, it only depends on the user that which one serves best. If you desire something for treating burn scars and have the patience to start a long-term regimen, then go for Contractubex.

Whereas, if you are looking for the treatment of wound scars or stretch marks, or want quick results, then Mederma is the better option for you.

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