Best Protein Powders Pregnancy

Best Protein Powders + Shakes for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding 2022

What are the best protein powders for pregnancy? Should pregnant women even consume protein shakes? Is it safe to drink them and what could be the dangers? Which ingredients to avoid when breastfeeding? Keep reading to find out all that and much more!

In a hurry? After reviewing many protein powders available on the market, we recommend the high-quality Mommi Prenatal Protein Powder. Or if you’re on a tight budget and looking for a cheaper alternative, go for Levels Grass-Fed Protein Powder.

WINNER Mommi Prenatal Protein Powder
  • Great taste
  • Reasonably priced
  • Mixes well without the chalky feel
  • Soy lecithin that helps for prevention of clogged ducts
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains B-6 that helps for morning sickness
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RUNNER UP Majka Lactation Support Protein Powder
  • Good taste
  • Choline makes it a critical brain building block
  • It contains digestive enzymes
  • Made in the USA
  • Contains lactation boosting galactagogues
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CHEAPER PROTEIN Levels Grass-Fed Protein Powder
  • Bleach free
  • Good for mothers that are prone to allergies
  • Soy lecithin helps for prevention of clogged ducts
  • Budget friendly
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FOR STRETCH MARKS Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
  • Sourced from pastured-raised cows
  • Proven to contain ingredients that make skin more elastic
  • It mixes instantly
  • Supports hair health
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Best Protein Powders for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers 2022: Reviews

#1 Mommi Prenatal Protein Powder


It’s not surprising that the Mommi Prenatal Protein Powder topped our list of protein powders fit pregnancy.

Considering the cleanliness of its ingredients, the exceptional customer reviews it has gained, as well as the fact that it is made to improve the health of pregnant mothers.

For assurance of quality, this powder is recommended by OB/GYNs for pregnant women.

Perhaps, it’s the fact that this milk is made for breastfeeding mothers too that has made it gain the popularity that it enjoys now.

While researching the product, we found that the protein powder contains the necessary minerals and vitamins needed for prenatal health.

The powder can even be taken in place of prenatal vitamins, for those that find it somewhat difficult keeping prenatal vitamins down.


  • It has a great taste
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It mixes well without the chalky feel
  • It contains soy lecithin that helps for
  • prevention of clogged ducts
  • Non-GMO
  • Contains B-6 that helps for morning sickness.


  • The 1 Lb bag is pretty hard to re-seal.

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#2 Majka Lactation Support Protein Powder 


This protein powder brand is not only good for pregnant mothers, but it is also great for breastfeeding mothers.

It combines a set of organic clean ingredients, excellent taste, healthy sweeteners and non-GMO.

Hence, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can be assured of the needed healthy ingredients needed to help them through the phase.

Importantly, the formula contains Methylfolate which is a very active form of folate which many women find easy to metabolize. Most women understand that folate is such a critical nutrient for the development of the brain of growing babies.

Additionally, the Majka Protein Powder also includes Choline which is a critical brain-nutrient on its own.

On a final note, as mothers, we know the importance of galactagogues for milk production, and with sufficient content of these ingredients in the formula, users are experiencing increased milk supply. 


  • It has a good taste 
  • Its content of Choline makes it a critical brain-building block.
  • It contains digestive enzymes
  • It is made in the USA 
  • It contains lactation boosting galactagogues.


  • Some users complained of the inability of the formula to mix well.

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#3 Levels Grass-Fed Protein Powder

Best Cheap Protein Powder for Pregnancy

A lot of women are happy with the Levels Grass-Fed powder because of the amount of helpful ingredients that it contains.

It is not surprising that it has become one of the best flavor choices.

The company behind its production has become popular over the years for its ability to produce high-quality foods for children and pregnant women.

The Levels Grass-Fed Protein Powder comes with a number of real flavor ingredients including mink fruits extracts, and cold-pressed cacao.

A combination of these ingredients helps to ensure that pregnant women are healthy enough. The low price of this formula also contributes to stand it out from most other competing products.

It is an unflavored option, making it the perfect option for mothers with allergies.


  • It is bleach-free
  • It is good for mothers that are prone to allergies
  • Its content of soy lecithin helps for prevention of clogged ducts 
  • Relatively cheap


  • Some mothers don’t like the taste

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#4 Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides 

Best Protein Shake for Preventing Stretch Marks

The option from Vital Proteins is worth being on this list for being a perfect option for the prevention of stretch marks in pregnant mothers.

During our research on this product, we found that a lot of mothers are impressed with its ingredient contents.

The company claims that it is sourced from pasture-raised cows; hence mothers can expect to take it without any fear that it will trigger their allergies.

It is also flavorless, so pregnant women can have it without fear of nauseating smells. Its content of glycine also supports the health of the immune system. 


  • Sourced from pasture-raised cows
  • Proven to contain ingredients that make the skin more elastic and supple
  • It mixes instantly
  • Supports hair health


  • Relatively expensive
  • So mothers are not happy with the absence of any flavor

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mother prenatal review

What Ingredients to Avoid When pregnant or Breastfeeding

A good place to start from is recognizing which foods and ingredients are safe for consumption during pregnancy, and which are risky as well.

Just like it is during pregnancy, what you eat while breastfeeding affects your baby’s overall nutrition. Hence, the need to stick to healthy choices when pregnant and throughout the breastfeeding period.

We can’t stop emphasizing the need for vegetables and fresh fruits as well as foods like beans, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and seeds.

Of course, it is almost impossible to not eat processed foods in our time. If you are eating processed food, then there’s a need to always read labels to be sure that you are eating healthy.

It’s best to limit or completely avoid certain ingredients during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Some of such ingredients to look out for and avoid include:


While breastfeeding mothers can do with the moderate consumption of caffeine (between 200-300 milligrams per day), pregnant mothers are generally advised to avoid it.

Hence, while searching for the right choice of protein products, mothers are advised to look out for the content of caffeine. Of course, you will hardly find special protein formulas containing this, but it is still important to keep that in mind.

Artificial Sweeteners

While research regarding the impact of artificial sweeteners on pregnancy is still limited, pregnant women are generally advised to use artificial sweeteners with caution.

Perhaps the best way to steer clear of any negative impact that comes with the consumption of artificial sweeteners is to completely avoid it.

Look out for formulas that contain artificial sweeteners and avoid them.


While it is very rare to see protein formulas that contain alcohol, we cannot completely rule out the possibilities. When it comes to the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy, it is best to stay on the side of caution.

protein shakes safe pregnancy

Is Protein Powder Safe For Breastfeeding?

Most protein powders typically have whey protein as a base. Whey is a natural component that’s gotten from dairy foods like milk and cheese.

Whey mostly gets pasteurized during manufacture and then transformed into protein powder. The body processes whey protein just like it does with every other protein. Dairy-free plant protein gets assimilated by your body in the same manner.

Much of the confusion that has risen in regards to protein powders and how safe it is for breastfeeding mothers related to the additional ingredients like sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives.

Thankfully, most of the protein formulas that we’ve reviewed in this article are gotten from the highest quality sources available.

Most of them don’t contain artificial ingredients too, hence, there is no scare, whatsoever, of unwanted reactions.

We must point out, however, that the earliest stage of motherhood is extremely personalized. Hence, each individual is different and often has specific requirements throughout the process.

We advise that breastfeeding mothers seek independent advice from their doctors before going for any protein supplement. This would help them decide which protein powder would suit their system.

Again, we can’t stop emphasizing on the need for carefully examining yourself when taking any formula. The fact that a particular product is right for one mother doesn’t mean that it will be good for another.

If at any point, you discover that a particular protein formula is causing wanted reactions in your health or in that of your baby; it is advised that you stop and change to another.

Benefits of Protein Powder During Pregnancy

It’s no longer a myth that breast milk is the ideal food for babies when a mother is able to breastfeed. After all, it is the perfect alimentation for the sustenance of healthy development for babies.

Throughout the breastfeeding process, though, nutrition becomes something to think about, especially considering that at this point you need to worry about nutrition for two.

The intake of a healthy diet with the right amount of calories promotes the production of quality milk. It also boosts the mother’s energy.

At this stage, mothers are not only trying to stay healthy for themselves but have to do what will ultimately be great for their baby’s health.

Your eating habits during and after pregnancy will have a direct impact on your health and the health of your baby.

Perhaps, the best way to attain adequate intake of protein is by the consumption of whole food protein sources like meat, eggs, fish, beans, nuts, etc. However, not every woman can get the desired level of protein from their regular diet. Hence, the need for extra help.

Factors like lack of time, physical barriers, and difficulty in movement after a cesarean session can make achieving the right level of protein quite difficult. It’s at this point that supplements become very important.

Going for high-quality protein powder would provide the necessary nutrition needed for the health of mother and baby in an easy to consume form.

Adopting habits like the addition of protein to porridge or yogurt will help you gradually increase your intake of protein. Habits like this help to support postpartum healing and the production of milk.

For mothers that may be struggling with sleep deprivation or morning sickness, these slightly drier options can be the perfect way to prevent yourself from turning to more processed snack foods, especially if someone’s appetite is affected.

How much protein do you need during pregnancy?

Protein requirements for pregnant women range depending on a number of factors. The need would normally range between 40 grams and 70 grams depending on your weight.

Thankfully, there are apps available today for the calculation of required daily protein intake. To find out the exact amount of protein needed by your body each day, you can download one of the apps available for it.

There’s no need to get the recommended amount of protein everyday. Instead, experts recommend that you aim for the amount as an average over a week or at least a few days.

Most United States women are known to generally consume more protein than they require; hence, you might not have any problem with meeting your body’s demand.

The good news is that even without necessarily eating meat, you can still meet your protein requirements through other sources including beans, eggs, dairy, and soy products.

Some common symptoms that can serve as pointers to the shortage of protein in your diet include frequent infections, weight loss, severe fluid retention, and muscle fatigue.

breastfeeding whey powder

Is Whey Protein Safe During Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding provides a lot of benefits to your little one. First, it helps to build a strong bond between the mother and her baby. It also boosts the immune system of the baby.

However, it is important to note that your personal diet can affect your breast milk. Experts generally recommend protein shakes to be safe for pregnant women, but you need to talk to your doctor to ascertain its safety for you.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are beverages that consist of a high level of protein in its ingredients. Protein is an essential part of the diet for nursing mothers.

It takes charge of providing a slowly metabolizing source of energy. Protein shakes serve the purpose of increasing your protein intake. There are also cases where it is used by people that want to increase their muscle mass.

It’s not strange to see women using protein shakes during the breastfeeding stage; after all, they serve as a substitute for normal meals. Protein shakes are not entirely devoid of calories, but their calorie content is generally lower than what’s found in a full meal.

Most women use it in an attempt to lose weight gained during pregnancy.  Depending on the ingredients contained in the shakes, they are generally safe during breastfeeding.

Again, it is important to stick with your doctor’s specific advice on the topic.

Pregnant Protein Shake drink


So, what’s the best protein powder for pregnant women?

There you have it, having reviewed the best protein powders in the market, we’ve now found out what are the best protein powders for pregnancy in 2022. 

The Mommi Prenatal Protein Powder easily wins when it comes to the best protein powders for pregnant women. There’s no doubt about its content of the right ingredients to keep mother and baby healthy. Its exceptional customer reviews are clear pointers to the quality it possesses.

Lots of mothers prefer this powder for the cleanliness of its ingredients. However, some mothers also trust the Majka Lactation Support Protein Powder for its ability to provide essential nutrients without triggering allergies.

Irrespective of personal choice, however, each of the options highlighted in this review have the right quality to keep you and your little one healthy.

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